Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project / Review of Wind Energy Siting Regulations

Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project / Review of Wind…


Invenergy has submitted to Livingston County a special use application for a proposed Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy project. The Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project is proposed to be located in Pleasant Ridge, Forrest, Fayette, Eppards Point, Indian Grove, Chatsworth, Charlotte, Belle Prairie and Avoca Townships, all in Livingston County. The application for the Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project is available for the citizens of Livingston County to review. A copy of this application can be found at the Livingston County web site, At this web site you should first go to county services menu and then by going down to and clicking on Zoning and Planning you will find a link to this special use application. Anyone with an interest in this project is encouraged to review this application. In the future the public will be notified as to when, where and at what time the Livingston County Zoning Board of Appeals will begin their review of the Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project special use application. Interested members of the public are encouraged to take part in this public hearing process. Livingston County is anticipating that it will take several days over multiple weeks to complete this review process. At the conclusion of the zoning board of appeals public hearings and review of this special use application, the zoning board of appeals will make a findings of recommendation to the Livingston County Board. These findings and recommendation will then be used by the Livingston County Board members as part of their decision making process regarding the Pleasant Ridge Wind Energy Project special use application.

In a separate yet a somewhat related issue the Agriculture, Zoning and Emergency Services Committee of the Livingston County Board is in the process of reviewing the Livingston County wind energy zoning regulations.   These zoning regulations can also be found at the same web site previously mentioned. Livingston County encourages written remarks pertaining to proposing amendments to these county wind energy regulations, including comments as to the reasoning for such proposals. Initial proposals can be submitted to the Livingston County Board office at 112 W. Madison St., Pontiac, IL. 61764 by October 1st.