Probation and Court Services


LOCATION:  Law & Justice Center, 110 N. Main Street, Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone: (815) 844-5177  ~  Fax: (815) 842-1600

Livingston County Probation and Court Services provides both juvenile and adult services.


The juvenile division provides juvenile intake screening services. The intake screening process begins when a police report alleging commission of an offense by a minor is forwarded to Court Services. A Probation Officer meets with the minor and family and makes contact with victims, the arresting Officer and representatives of other involved agencies to provide the State’s Attorney with complete information so that an appropriate prosecutorial decision can be made. An emphasis is placed on diverting appropriate minors from the court system into one of a graduated continuum of voluntary informal programs that provide the same supervision and services to the minor/family/victim without Court intervention.

When ordered by the Court the juvenile division completes written social investigations of those minors who have been formally charged and Adjudicated Delinquent and are facing sentencing.

The probation officers of the juvenile division supervise minors placed on Probation or Supervision by the Court; referrals are made for needed medical and mental health services, organized recreation, job placement, educational services and any other services needed by the minor or family. Probation Officers act as a liaison between the Court and agencies to which minors are referred or through which they are placed, and when so appointed serve as guardian of the person of a ward of the Court. Services and supervision are also provided for probationers of courts from other jurisdictions who have lawfully become residents of Livingston County.


Services provided by the probation officers of the adult division include the completion of pre-sentence investigations for those defendants facing felony sentencing, specifically written reports to the Court of any previous convictions for crimes and the specific personal history of the defendant. The adult division also watches over all persons placed on probation under such terms as may be prescribed by the Court; may develop and operate reasonable programs for any person placed on probation or supervision; and takes charge of a probationer who has been transferred to the county from another jurisdiction after lawfully becoming a resident of Livingston County.

This office is also responsible for a community service program that serves both juvenile and adult offenders required to complete community service per an order by the Court, a directive of their Probation Officer to resolve a minor violation, or required as part of a voluntary program to resolve a police contact.

The Department manages Electronic Monitoring programs of adult and juvenile offenders who have been placed on home confinement or ordered by the Court to be monitored for alcohol use.


Law enforcement agencies, schools, other social service agencies and the community may make referrals to the Department.

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Ron Baker – Administrator, Specialty Investigations


Erick Mund – Assistant Administrator, Recovery Court Probation Officer


Deanndre Gabor – Adult & Juvenile Supervision, Juvenile Intakes

Mark Salata – Adult & Juvenile Supervision / Sex Offenders

Heidi Zeidenstein – Adult & Juvenile Supervision / Recovery Court Coordinator


Joe Cleary – Adult & Juvenile Supervision

Kayla Harder – Adult & Juvenile Supervision, Adult Pre-Trial, BI Elec Mon

Taylor Harris – Adult & Juvenile Supervision, Pre-Sentence Investigator, Specialty Investigations

Billie Jo Henson – Adult & Juvenile Transfers

Justin Hunter – Adult & Juvenile Supervision, Associate Court Officer, Adult Pre-Trial

Madalyn Lane – Adult & Juvenile Supervision


Kathy Oestmann – Office Manager

Caitlin Henson – Office Assistant