Probation and Court Services


LOCATION:  Law & Justice Center, 110 N. Main Street, Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone: (815) 844-5177  ~  Fax: (815) 842-1600

The primary aim of the Livingston County Probation & Court Services Department is to enhance community safety by ensuring that offenders are held responsible for their actions and providing them with the necessary rehabilitative tools, resources, and services to make positive choices. The objective is to assist them in leading a secure, productive, and law-abiding future.

Within the court services, the Probation Department is responsible for serving the courts, supervising individuals on probation, and maintaining accurate records of all cases. The department recognizes that crime has negative impacts not only on the victim and the community but also on the offender. This understanding serves as the driving force behind their mission and efforts.

Livingston County Probation & Court Services provides a variety of services for juveniles and adults. These services include:

  1. Monitoring Individuals – which involves facilitating referrals for medical, mental health, employment, educational, and prosocial recreational services for individuals under Probation. Probation Officers serve as a connection between the Court and other agencies involved in the client’s rehabilitation. Similar services are extended to probationers from other counties or jurisdictions who move to Livingston County.
  2. Recovery Court Programs – such as Drug Court and Veteran’s Court, which offer specialized support and treatment for individuals dealing with substance abuse or who are veterans.
  3. Juvenile Intake Screening – where minors who are alleged to have committed a criminal offense are investigated. The objective is to provide the State’s Attorney with pertinent information to aid in the prosecutorial decision-making process and divert minors from the formal court system when suitable.
  4. Sentencing investigations – entail collecting background information about a defendant to provide the Courts with a comprehensive understanding of their circumstances
  5. Community Service Program – supports clients mandated to complete community service as a sanction from their Probation Officer or as directed by the Court. This program helps clients find suitable worksites and verifies the completion of all required hours for the Court.
  6. Electric Monitoring Programs – which include home confinement, GPS tracking, and alcohol-use monitoring. These programs are designed to ensure compliance with court-ordered restrictions and enhance public safety.


The majority of referrals are typically received from the local Courts, although the office also accepts referrals from law enforcement agencies, schools, other social agencies, and the community.