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Responsible for the core financial functions of the county including budget preparation and financial analysis reporting. Assists the county departments and county board to ensure effective administration and implementation of approved financial policies, procedures and programs.

Below you will find links to budget, revenue, audit, and other finance information.

Employee Compensation Package for Open Meetings Act and Illinois Pension Code Requirements

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Supplement

Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Supplement

Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2020 Amended Budget

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Supplement

Fiscal Year 2019 Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Supplement

Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget

Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

Fiscal Year 2009 Budget

Livingston County Property Tax Levies 2012, Payable 2013

Livingston County Financial Statements 2017

Livingston County Financial Statements 2016

Livingston County Financial Statements 2015

Livingston County Financial Statements 2014

Livingston County Financial Statement 2013

Livingston County Financial Statement 2012

Livingston County Single Audit 2012

Livingston County Financial Statement 2011

Livingston County Single Audit 2011

Livingston County Financial Statement 2010

Livingston County Single Audit 2010

Livingston County Financial Statements 2009

Livingston County Financial Statements 2008

Livingston County Financial Statements 2007

Sources of Corporate Revenue

Landfill Revenue Usage Summary

Major Uses of Landfill Revenue