Overweight & Oversize / Spring Posting Truck Permits

Effective January 16, 2017 only OXCART PERMIT SYSTEMS is accepting Livingston County Highway Department Overweight & Oversize/Spring Posting Truck Permits.

Registration is easy and can be completed on the Oxcart website Click Here

Log on to OXCART to obtain permits within the County. Link to: Oxcart Browser Help Guide

If you need further assistance please contact Oxcart Customer Service email at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Permit Information

Any vehicle that is one or more of the following needs to have a permit in the vehicle allowing the move:

  • Over the Posted Weight Limit
  • Over 8’-6” in Width
  • Over 65’-0” in Length
  • Over 13’-6” in Height

Illinois Vehicle Code

Permit Fee Schedule & County Board Resolution (Please note that additional processing fees may apply.)

Spring Posting Truck Route Information

The Livingston County Highway Department and Township Highway Road Commissioners post the roads due to frost and weather conditions annually from January 15th through April 15th. Depending on the weather, these postings may be applied later and/or taken off earlier. Please check the postings before driving on the roads. 

Map of No Spring Posting Truck Routes

Text Listing of No Spring Posting Truck Routes

Oversize/Overweight Truck Route Information

Legal Load Information for County Highways and Township Roads Only

Posted and Legal Load Only Bridge Map

Posted and Legal Load Only Bridge Notice

For State Highways in Livingston County

Contact the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) office to obtain permits for State Highways along your route.

For Township Highway Road Commissioners

Please be sure to check the Township Highway Road Commissioners List before hauling on any of their roads as some Townships may have posted their roads with different Spring Postings than the County.

If you have any questions, please contact Nikki or Phyllis at (815) 842-1184. Thank you for your cooperation.