Levy & Tax Extensions

The property tax cycle involves a collaboration among the Assessor, County Clerk, and the Treasurers’ office. The County Clerk’s Office is responsible for determining the rates and extending the taxes for all taxing districts within the county. This task commences once all levy ordinances have been submitted by the taxing districts, inputted into the system, and the property values have been assessed by the assessor.

The extension process adheres to the regulations of special taxing districts, exemptions, and property tax cap laws (PTELL). Subsequently, once all rates and extensions are calculated, the data is forwarded to the treasurer’s office for the preparation and distribution of tax bills.

Filing Deadlines for Taxing Districts:

  1. Budgets and Appropriation Ordinances: Each taxing district shall file, within 30 days of adoption, a certified copy of its appropriation and budget ordinances or resolutions, as well as an estimate of revenues, by source, anticipated to be received by the taxing district in the following fiscal year.
  2. Tax Levy and Truth in Taxation Certificate: Each taxing district, shall annually certify to the county clerk, on or before the last Tuesday in December, the several amounts that they have levied. Levy must include a certificate of compliance in the Truth in Taxation Law.
  3. Annual Financial, Treasurer and Audit Reports, Publication Certificates & the AFR filed with the State Comptroller: Most districts are required to file these within 6 months from the end of the fiscal year.
District Rates by Tax Codes
Tax Computation Reports
Truth in Taxation Form
Property Tax Extension Law Limit (PTELL)