County Board Office

Livingston County Board Office

Livingston County Historic Courthouse

112 W. Madison St., Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone:  (815) 844-6378   ~   Fax:  (815) 844-6401


From 1858 to 1972, the County was governed by a Board of Supervisors, consisting of 30 members from the county’s 30 townships.  The enactment of the federal law, “one-man, one-vote,” required the County to reapportion its Board representation.

Following each census, reapportionment is done, if necessary, to equalize population among the Board districts.  The reapportionment process is required by federal law to insure that the “one-man, one-vote” law is followed. Following the 2000 census, the Livingston County Board voted to reapportion the County into three Board Districts with eight member elected from each district,  to meet the required mandates.

The following reapportionment became effective on December 2, 2002:

District 1: All of Pontiac and Rooks Creek Townships

District 2: Reading, Newton, Sunbury, Nevada, Dwight, Round Grove, Long Point, Amity, Esmen, Odell, Union, Broughton and Owego Townships

District 3: All of Nebraska, Saunemin, Sullivan, Waldo, Pike, Eppards Point, Avoca, Pleasant Ridge, Charlotte, Indian Grove, Forrest, Chatsworth, Belle Prairie, Fayette and Germanville Townships


The Chairperson of the County Board is elected by the Board Members for a two-year term. If a vacancy in the office of chairperson should occur, the members of the Board shall elect one of them to serve, for the balance of the unexpired term.


Board members receive compensation for their services in the form of mileage, based on the current rate set by the Internal Revenue Service, and per diem payments for meetings attended.  Members are paid one per diem on any given day, regardless of the number of meetings the member attends. The Chairperson receives a per diem of $80.00 per day and all other members receive a per diem $45.00 per day.


If a vacancy on the County Board occurs, it shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the Board within sixty (60) days with the appointment. The appointment will be effective until the next election of County Board members, at which time an election shall be held to fill said vacancy for the unexpired term.

Committee System:

The County Board conducts business through a committee structure. Committees review policy issues and make recommendations to the full Board approval.

Contact Information:

Mail to Board members can be sent to the County Board Office at 112 W. Madison Street, Pontiac, IL 61764.  To contact the County Board Office by phone please call 815.844.6378.  To send a fax please call 815.844.6401.