Elected County Officials and Elections

Elected Offices and Term Expiration

(elected County Officials generally serve 4-year terms):

Elected OfficeCurrent Office HolderPhone NumberTerm Expiration
Circuit ClerkLeAnn Dixon815-844-260211/30/2020
CoronerDanny Watson815-844-636711/30/2020
County BoardBoard Members **815-844-637811/30/2020 - 2022
County Board ChairKathy Arbogast815-844-637811/30/2020
County ClerkKristy Masching815-844-200611/30/2022
SheriffTony Childress815-844-277411/30/2022
State's AttorneyRandy Yedinak815-844-516911/30/2020
TreasurerM. Nikki Meier815-844-230611/30/2022

** You can find a list of County Board Members on our Board Members Page

Future Elections:

YearPrimary ElectionConsolidated PrimaryConsolidated ElectionGeneral Election
2020March 17thNovember 3rd
2021February 23rdApril 6th