EDF Special Use Permit

Cover Page

Table of Contents


1. Introduction and Project Summary

2. Wind Farm Description and Information

3. Application for Special Use (executed 7.8.22)

4a. Special Use Area Plan

4b. Special Use Area Plan Mapbook

4c. Special Use Area Plan Topo

4d. Special Use Area Plan Mapbook Topo

5a. Concept Plan

5b.Concept Plan Mapbook

6a. Site Plan

6b. Site Plan Mapbook

7a. Setbacks

7b. Setbacks Mapbook

7c. Turbine Setbacks

7d. Turbine Setbacks Mapbook

7e. Parcels in SUP and Adjacent Key

7f. Waiver Setback Language from Lease and Property Owners

8a. Tri Point School Windfarm Setback Waiver Livingston County

8b. Tri Point School Letter of Support Livingston County

8c. Cullom Resolution Approving Project and Letter

8d. Cullom Approval of Community Benefit

8e. Emington Resolution Approving Project and Letter

8f. Emington Resolution Approving CBA and CBA

9a. Variation Application (executed 7.8.22)

9b. Substation Site Plan

9c. Variance Support Letter

10. Participating Landowner List

11. Property Owners with 1.5 Miles of Special Use Area

12. Participating Property Legal Descriptions

13. Economic Impact Analysis

14. Letter of Support from Econ Dev

15. Good Neighbor Agreement Form

16. Turbine Schematic Example

17a. Project Substation Schematic, LVG-D-P003-1

17b. Project Substation Schematic, LVG-D-S001-4

17c. Project Substation Schematic, LGS-D-P002-2

17e. O&M Building Layout

18. MET Towers

19. Livingston Wind Project, LLC 2022 AIMA

20. Microwave Communications and Interference Report, Evans Engineering Solutions (2022)

21. Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP)

22. Shadow Flicker Assessment, ReGenerate

23. Sound Modeling Assessment, ReGenerate

24a. EcoCAT Review 2022 EDF

24b. EcoCat Infrastructure Setbacks

24c. Setback Letter of Support

25a. WEST Report (bird, bat) 2022_Tier 2 Revalidation Report

25b. WEST Report (bird, bat) 2019_Tier 2 report

26a. Mailing Affidavit (Office Depot) (executed w exhibits)

26b. Mailing Affidavit (Polsinelli) (executed, with exhibits)

26c. Legal Notice Certificate of Publicatin (Daily Leader)

26d. Legal Notice Certificate of Publication (The Paper)

27. Decommissioning Plan, Westwood, 2022-04-12

28. Natural Resource Information Report, SWCD 2022

29. Property Value Assessment, CohnReznick 5.12.2022

30. WECS Article Requirements Checklist 7.5.22(82625199.2)


Application for Variation

Attachment 1. Substation Site Plan

Attachment 2. Support Letter