New Voters Registration Cards Being Mailed

Registered voters in Livingston County will be receiving new Voter Registration Cards the week of August 12.  As required by law, the County Clerk’s office is in the process of completing a purge of Livingston County voters.  County Clerk Kristy Masching explained that a purge is done to help maintain voter registrations by keeping them current and up-to-date, to eliminate voters that are deceased, or have moved from Livingston County.

Masching urges voters to check their voter’s card and familiarize themselves with their districts and polling locations, as some changes may have occurred.  Voters should sign their new card and destroy their old card.

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Proposed FY2013 Budget Amendment

A proposed Budget Amendment for the Livingston County Jail & Public Safety Complex, addresses the shortfall in Livingston County Sheriff Martin Meredith’s FY 2013 budget due to the housing of Cook County Inmates.  The FY 2013 Budget was originally approved based on an average of 30 Cook County Detainees.  The Livingston County Jail currently houses an average of 65 Cook County Detainees resulting in increased expenses as well as increased revenues.  Revenues from outside housing were estimated at $529,500 (based on an average of 30 detainees) for the year with $763,800 being billed to date.  The total annual revenue is now estimated at $969,358.  The proposed amendment is currently on display for public viewing and will be presented to the County Board on September 12th for approval.

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County Clerk & Recorder Fee Increase

 N O T I C E




PURSUANT TO A GIS COST STUDY OF THE LIVINGSTON COUNTY ASSESSMENT OFFICE (Resolution #2013-02-07 passed by the Livingston County Board on February 14, 2013); and pursuant to HB1588 (P.A. 98-0005 signed into law March 22, 2013) regarding the allocation of the RHSPS fee; THE FOLLOWING FEE INCREASE WILL GO INTO EFFECT ON June 1, 2013.

Recording Fees for all instruments up to four (4) pages, meeting standardization requirements will be as follows: $12.50 Recording Fee, a $3.50 Recorder’s Automation Fee, a $16.00 G.I.S. Maintenance Fee and a *$9.00 Rental Housing Support Program Surcharge (RHSPS) Fee (Total Fee = $41.00).

Public Notice Regarding Fee Increase

Schedule of Recording Fees